Saturday, July 25, 2009


Being a senior??? Everyone want to be a senior, because people think being a senior they can do anything and control everyone. Sometimes, a senior will use the power of “senior” to bully the junior students. This mindset has to be change, because I do not think a senior can use their power to do anything bad, but it is better if a senior can make a junior be a good person and be more responsible. But what is bothering me is, if the senior not use their power, all the junior will not respect and doing bad thing behind us. So, I think seniority in school, college or university is an important thing but there has to be a limit.

For me, I do not feel anything to be a senior and not too excited in being a senior. No discrimination, no different level between junior and senior and the most important thing is respecting each other. If a junior respect the senior, the senior also will respect them. But if different thing is happen, that junior will get the punishment. Actually, a senior is not a punisher, but what a junior have done wrong will make a senior be a punisher. All senior in the world will say “if you respect me, I will respect you and we can be friendly”. This is a natural thing in the world of seniority.

I am DIB, semester 3 student. Even I am in semester 3, I do not think I am a senior. But, sometimes I have to be a senior to make all junior respect me. It depends on time and place, because I had say, I am not too excited and really want to be a senior. Actually, I am not a real senior in college because in SR College we have rule. The rule is students at semester 1 to semester 3 are junior, semester 4 to semester 6 are the real senior and semester 7 and semester 8 student are the super senior. Therefore, I am also a senior in college, but senior to semester 1 and semester 2 students only. So, next semester is my turn to be a real senior and I will do anything that I want, but not too over.

The point of view, I think being a senior will give the advantages and impact to me such as it will make me become more mature, make me respect everyone and maybe will make me be prepared to become a leader in the future. Being a senior will make me become more mature, because a senior must do and show the positive things and attitude to junior. As a result, junior will respect me and they will not do anything bad or anything that I do not like. It can make us respect each other’s. Being a senior also will make me be more prepared to become a leader in the future, because senior will lead and guide junior in doing anything that they not know such as about academic or about life. So, seniority is an important thing in the world. Everyone will be a senior, but must be responsible and do not too over in doing anything that related with junior, because we are human.

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thats true! :) we are human :p