Monday, August 31, 2009



Glory!!! Glory Man Utd!!! United started the new decade, century and millennium in typical pioneering fashion. They entered a brand new competition – the FIFA Club World Championship in Brazil – but at the expense of their participation in the FA Cup, of which they were the holders. They achieved their sixth Premiership title early, in April, and still without a convincing replacement for Peter Schmeichel. So, they make a decision to take Fabien Barthez joined United in July 2000.

Ferguson's major signing in the summer of 2002 was Rio Ferdinand. In the period without Rio, the Reds lost their title - to Arsenal again - but won the FA Cup for a record eleventh time, beating Millwall 3-0 in the 2004 final at Cardiff's Millennium Stadium. A year later United were back in Wales to face Arsenal for the trophy. Chelsea had taken the Premiership and Carling Cup, and it was the Gunners who triumphed on penalties despite a dominant display from United - for whom Wayne Rooney and Cristiano Ronaldo were outstanding. The following season brought maiden silverware for the pair as the Reds beat Wigan Athletic in the Carling Cup final.

After that, United strengthened by the summer signings of Owen Hargreaves, Carlos Tevez, Anderson and Nani. In Moscow, the Reds and Blues duked it out for silverware again. Ronaldo's opener was cancelled out by Frank Lampard and, the match went to penalties. Ronaldo's miss that penalties, but the Chelsea skipper slipped and smacked his effort against the post. Reprieved, United went on to win the shootout when Edwin van der Sar saved Nicolas Anelka's effort, ensuring that Europe's biggest competition had been won by the men from Manchester for a third time. In December, United achieve another victory in the FIFA Club World Cup and a solitary Wayne Rooney goal against Ecuador's Liga de Quito in the final was enough to crown United world champions.

The best thing is about the United young player that was improve, such as Foster , Federico Macheda, Danny Welbeck and Darron Gibson . So even though Cristiano Ronaldo and Carlos Tevez left Old Trafford in the summer, the future appears to be in very good hands...

PLAYERS FOR SEASON 2009-2010:- Edwin van der sar, J. O’Shea, M. Owen, Rafael da Silva, Patrice Evra, Darren Flatcher, Wayne Rooney, Ryan Giggs, Nemanja Vidic, Paul Scholes, Dimitar Berbatov, Park Ji Sung, Rio Ferdinand, M. Carrick, Macheda, Owen Hargreaves, G. Nevile, Anderson, Ben Foster, Borton, Wes Brown, Luis Nani, T. Koszhak, Danny Welbeck, J. Evans, Antonio Valencia, Fabio da Silva, Darren Gibson


Album Title- LUCKY LAKI
1.Lucky Laki Superman

A boy not a superman. A boy will cry if fail to do something. So, we must strong and do not give up if want to success in our life. This song is funny, but it have own meaning.

2.Dead and Gone

Gangster is shit man!!! A good man is someone that will do not do anything that may bring negative effect to their life or to others. Just think, if you are strong and power, there is someone are stronger and power than you, ALLAH s.w.t. Everyone will dead and gone.

3.Revolusi(Malay song)

Just do it!!! If you want to success in life, just do whatever you thinking are good for you. Do not let times gone without do anything. It is revolution, not illusion and makes all you dream come true.


There is a 1 thing, 2 do, 3 words, 4 you, I love you. That is what a boy will say to someone are special for him (girlfriend). It is easy, but so hard to say.


A boy always is a hero to a girl. So a girl cannot life without a boy. Agree???

6.Selalu Mengalah(Malay song)

Why a boy always pity and take care about a girl, but they do not care about our heart??? So, who are more egos? Boy or girl.

7.Do You Know

This song is for girls. Contain the question that asks about do the girls know what a boy feels to them and wonder about them.

8.Know Your Enemy

This song for enjoy and release tension. Just know who your enemy and do not let them take advantage over you.

Composer: Crazy Mad Boy
Album for thinking person...
Boys and Girls.......... ;-)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

10 Facts About Me (only 6 for this time) ;-)

(1) Football is my life
I really like to play football and futsal. Every day I will play football or futsal with my friends and if in a week I not play football or futsal, I will feel something different and also feel weakness. I starting play football since 7 years old and my first dream in my life is to be a football player or want to make football as my career, but my parents do not allow me to be a football player. It is because my parents said football in Malaysia is not like football in England or Spain, but I think football in Malaysia having their own class and level. Whatever our Malaysians said about the weakness of Malaysia football team, I still support our Malaysian team even sometimes I so unsatisfied with the way their play, it is because sometimes their play like school boys. Even I cannot be a football player, I was being a football player for my school from form 3 until form 5, play futsal for a team that have big sponsors such as Nike football and Celcom. My target is to be a football player for UiTM Segamat in KARISMA for this year, but maybe it required me to work hard. Besides that, I play football for release tension and to be closer with all my friends. I also like to challenge everyone that has high skills in football, it is because I can learn and improve my skills in football.

(2) Manchester United
Manchester United (M U) is my favourite football team. It is the greatest team in the world and has a lot of history. M U had be a champion for English Premier League, UEFA Champions League, FA cup and also World Club Football Cup. M U has the greatest players such as Rio Ferdinand, Nemanja Vidic, Wayne Rooney, Nani, Cristiano Ronaldo and Ryan Giggs, but Ronaldo was transferred to Real Madrid Football Club with the biggest transferred price and as the most expensive football player in the world for this time. If M U loses a game, I will feel so bad, frustrated and sometimes I cannot sleep well that night. I hope, this seasons M U can still win all tournament especially English Premier League and UEFA Champions League.

(3) Simple and enjoy
I am a simple person. That means me not too desperate to be a style person. For all information, I do not like using perfume, but I always using deodorant such as Rexona and Dashing. I think be a simple person is a better than be a style person with lot of accessories on their body. I am enjoy my life with be friendly with all people around me. I will happy if my friends also happy, but if they have a problem I will try to solve their problem. But one thing that I hate in my life is when have a person always thinking bad about my friendship. It will influence others people to think the same things. Why all this kind of people born in the world, I do not understand what the real purpose their want to be like that, just think about it. Although, I do not care what their want thinking about me, but the important thing I enjoy with all my friends and I happy always.

(4) Love and me
I love Allah, Prophet of Muhammad and my family, but I still not found a special girl that I want share my life with her. Actually that is not a story I want to share, but it is about love movies or drama and me. I really like to watch love movies such as Korean movies, Malaysian movies and Indonesian movies. I love to watch that kind of movies and sometimes I felt that I am the main actor in that movies, but I do not like to fall in love. I think a special relationship is starting from a friendship. Why??? Let me keep that secret. I more like be a friend with all people around me and I think that is better than always want be a couple or loving couple. For me, there is still not my time to fall in love with a girls and I want to focus on my ambition or dreams rather my relation. It is because I have a lot of dreams in my mind to achieve before I become a 25 years old man.

(5) My problems is my own business
Problems??? Everyone has problem in their life. I does not like to share my problems with others. I always try to solve my problems by my own. I think why we must involve others people with our problems, that is not fair. Besides that, I do not like to show that I have a problem in certain times to others, but I just be a normal and enjoy with them. So, if I have a problem, nobody will know.

(6) No Seafood in My life
I do not like to eat seafood, except cuttlefish and some kind of fish. In my family, only I do not eat seafood and I do not know why. Maybe my parents not teach me to eat seafood since I was child, but I think people do not need to teach how to eat seafood. So it is my fault does not eat seafood and I also think that I can saving my money, it is because all kind of seafood are expensive. Saving money is my hobby, but I am not a stingy person.

Sunday, August 9, 2009


(1)JABBAR. His full name is Abdul Jabbar Bin Kamaluddin and his from Tangkak. He was born in 28th May 1990 in Pusat Rawatan Islam, Kuala Lumpur. He have five siblings. His nickname in SR College is “kaen” and senior give his that name because he lived in Tangkak. His hobbies are playing video game and jogging. He was thinking that playing video game can release his tension. His favorite food is 'Nasi Goreng Chili Padi' and other spicy food. He like spicy food because it hot but it delicious. His favorite drink is all drink that is not cool.

(2) KOCHAK. His full name is Mohd Zulfadli b. Sabli and lived at Ampang,Selangor. He was born on 7th August 1990 at Bangkok in Thailand. He is the third ones from five siblings, and he is the only boy from all girls. His hobbies are like playing futsal, watching movies and listening to music. He is fan and follower of Chelsea football club. Regarding about food, he like "Nasi Lemak", "Nasi Kandar" and "Nasi Paprik" and like drink Horlick and Teh Tarik.

(3) It is me.

(4) SABIRIN. His full name is Muhamad Sabirin Bin Ahmad and his nickname at SR College is “mela”. He was born on 11th October 1990 at Hospital Daerah Sungai Petani. His hobbies are playing computer game and playing futsal. His favourite food is anything that is cooked by his mother and drink fruit juice such as orange juice, mango juice, and carrot juice. We always go to class together and also always go to class late together. We are stay at wing 1B in SR College and play futsal together.

(5) ADIB. His full name is Muhammad Adib bin Ibrahim and his nickname at SR College is “amak”. He was born on 27th January 1990 at Hospital Tanjong Malim, Perak and lived at Selayang Bharu. His hobbies are playing football, sepak takraw, and computer games. He always playing takraw every evening at SR court. His favourite food is "Nasi Campur" and his mom's cooking. His favourite drinks are ice tea, ice lemon tea, horlick ice, chocolate ice blended and barley ice.

(6) HAKIM. His full name is Muhammad Akmal Hakim bin Akram. He was born in 24th of January 1990 at Hospital Sultanah Aminah in Johor Bahru. He really like to eat Nasi Goreng Cina and drink Lychee kang. He said that drink is combination from Chinese tea, rock candy, dry lychee, barley, grass jelly and nuts. His hobbies are doing outdoor and extreme activity such as jogging, trekking, arching, and hiking. He is an active in participate in Uitm Segamat clubs such as Kelab Irama and Silat Olahraga.

(1)IZZATI. Her full name is Nurul Izzaty Binti Zainal Abidin. She was born on 22th July 1990 and lived at Kajang, Selangor. Her hobbies are playing badminton, chatting and reading. She like to eat spicy food, Thai food and her mother’s cooking. Her favourite drink is apple juice, it is because she said this drink contains more vitamin c that good for our skin. She is quiet person in class and closer with Seri, Lyana and Sakinah.

(2) SERI. Her full name is Norhaslinasari Binti Mohd Nor and was born is on 14th August 1990 at Hospital Besar Kuala Lumpur. Her favourite activity is an extreme sport or outdoor such as camping activities, treasure to the cave and “kayak”. She always desire to have lunch or dinner with the village foods, Thai food and drink orange juice or “air batu campur”. She always wanted to be the best and I hope she will get that. She is a cheerful person.

(3) SAKINAH. Her full name is Nur Sakinah Bt Noordin and was born on 25 November 2009. She live in Bandar Baru Bangi, Selangor and have three siblings. Her hobby is reading books, especially science fiction book like Charmed. She likes to eat western food and drink orange juice. She also love to eat her mother’s cooking. She like chatting, eating and playing. Her best friends are Lina, Zaty, and Yana.

(4) LIYANA. Her full name is Liyana Atiqah Binti Zulkiflee and was born on 1990. Her hobbies are play badminton, watching television, plat with her little brother, searching Internet and hang out with friends. Her favourite food is the western food and favourite drink is fresh orange. She also like to eat fried rice and her mother’s cook. She is closer with Seri. She cheerful person, but sometimes I do not like when her talk too much in class, except talk about something will benefit other people.

(5) AYU. Her full name is Noorhidayu Ramli. She was born on 30 June 1990 at Hospital Sultanah Aminah,Johor Bahru. Her favourite foods is mushroom fried rice and her mother’s and nanny’s cooking. Fresh orange is her favourite drink, but she cannot drink ice because she easily get flu, so she just can drink mineral or hot water. I am not really know about her, but I remembered that we are in a same group at semester 1 course orientation. She is quiet person and look like a shame girl.

(6) IZATI. Her full name is Nor Izati Bt Mohammed Zailani. She was born on 3rd July 1990 at Hospital Besar Tengku Ampuan Rahimah and lived at Jalan Kebun, Klang. She love hang out with her parent's and also like to watch a tough sport game like motor cross and drift. She like to eat “nasi goreng pataya” that serve with Tom Yam and her favourite drinks is Fresh Oren and Laicikang . She want to be a businessman like her father’s.

(7) TIM. Her full name is Fatimah Binti Roseli. She was born on 10 March 1990 at Sultanah Aminah Hospital, Johor Bahru. Her hobbies are reading novels, listening to music and playing computer games. Her favourite foods are all her mom’s cooking especially Chicken Rice and Fried Kuey Teow and favourite drinks are Iced Milo and Carrot Juice. She is a talkative person especially when she was chatting with all her best friends, but she not like a talkative person in class. She is academic exco in DIBA’s. I think that so suitable for her, because she clever and thinking person.

(8) FAWA. Her full name is Fara Wahida Binti Camallil. She was born on May 25th, 1990. She is a friendly with people and easy to communicate with her. She love music so much and music is her life. For her, music can make her feel calm when stressed. She listen to all kinds of music and also love to sing, but I still do not hear how she sing a song and do not know how the sound song that her sing. I hope her voice is good for health of the listener. Her favorite food is spaghetti.

(9) MIRA. Her full name is Siti Amirah bt Saharudin. She was born on 12th July 1990 at Hospital Besar Seremban and lived with her family at Port Dickson. She have 5 sibling. Actually, she is new in this campus and just transferred from campus Sg. Petani, Kedah. She really hate peoples that like to busy body about her. But, I just want to said, if her wear “tudung”, she is looks sweeter.

(10) ATIQAH. Her full name is Nuratiqah binti Suhaimi. She was born on 18 October 1990 in Klang, Selangor. Her hobbies are listening to music, reading novels, chatting with my friends and also like to go window shopping with her family. She really like watching Korean and Taiwan dramas such as Full House, Devil Beside Me and many more.Her favourite food is her Mother's cooking and favourite drink is Iced Lemon Tea. She also like to eat Ice Cream and chocolate. She also new in this campus and I still do not know about her. Maybe she is a friendly person or talkative.

Sunday, August 2, 2009


I am taking 6 subjects and a co-curriculum for this semester, it is Asas Ekonomi Islam (CTU 241), English for Academic Purpose (BEL 311), co-curriculum football, Third Language (BMD 101), Introduction to Statistics (QMT 216), Macroeconomics (ECO 211) and Fundamentals of Finance (FIN 262). Ko-kurikulum, BEL 311 and CTU241 are university requirement subjects and BMD 101, QMT 216, ECO 211 and FIN 262 are faculty requirement subjects.

CTU 241, my lecturer is Ustaz Kamarulzaman Sulaiman. This subject is about the foundation of Islamic economics. It also about how to use and manage the economics resources for the betterment of one self and others both materially and spiritually in order to achieve the blessing of Allah and how to manage economics with Islamic philosophic.

For BEL 311, my lecturer is Mr Izuan Ismail. I learn how to make an essay and that is why Sir Izuan asked us to do weekly essay assignment. This subject is for academic purpose and it also focus on how to make an article. Learning this subject will improve my English and it can benefit me in the future.

My lecturer for BMD 101 is Mr Lim. I choose to take mandarin for subject third language because I want to learn new language in my life. I am so happy and excited to learn this subject. Mr Lim is a good lecture, funny and everything that his teach is easy to understand. I think this subject will benefit students in the future when their work in a company that have Chinese people in company management. Students will also easy to make a business with Chinese peoples, it is because businesses in Malaysia are monopoly by them. I will study this subject for semester 3 and semester 4, so I will learn lot of things in mandarin language and maybe the result I can speak mandarin with Chinese peoples.

Next, for QMT 216 my lecturer is Assoc. Prof Ruhana Zainuddin. This subject is to provide students majoring in business management, banking, investment, accounting, marketing, finance and other field of business administration with an introductory survey of many applications of statistics. It also would prepare students to do advanced statistical courses and to do subjects that are related to statistical technique. So, I will be able to analyze data and make conclusions based on statistical analysis, understand the important of sampling and data collection and also be able to use some statistical software and to interpret statistical output result after learn this subject in this semester.

Macroeconomics is my favourite subject, my lecturer is Mrs Zarina. Macroeconomics looks at the economy from broader perspective by considering its overall performance and the way the various sectors of the economy relate to one other. It is study of economic activity, the performance of the economy, the fluctuations in unemployment and inflation, explain the upswing and the downswing of the economy. So, I will know about Malaysia economics such as government income and expenditure and will know the reason why inflation or recession is happened.

For FIN 262, my lecturer is Mrs Wan Asma Hanim Wan Mustapha. Finance as a subject is very broad and it has close relationship with other business functions such as accounting, economics, management and marketing. The knowledge of all business disciplines and current economic environment are the prerequisite for a successful financial management to effectively execute financial decisions. It also will introduce broad view of financial management concepts and other related topics of special interest to provide the basis for understanding of later materials. So, it can benefit me in the future when I work with a company that is required the workers have knowledge about finance and make financial decisions.

Saturday, July 25, 2009


Being a senior??? Everyone want to be a senior, because people think being a senior they can do anything and control everyone. Sometimes, a senior will use the power of “senior” to bully the junior students. This mindset has to be change, because I do not think a senior can use their power to do anything bad, but it is better if a senior can make a junior be a good person and be more responsible. But what is bothering me is, if the senior not use their power, all the junior will not respect and doing bad thing behind us. So, I think seniority in school, college or university is an important thing but there has to be a limit.

For me, I do not feel anything to be a senior and not too excited in being a senior. No discrimination, no different level between junior and senior and the most important thing is respecting each other. If a junior respect the senior, the senior also will respect them. But if different thing is happen, that junior will get the punishment. Actually, a senior is not a punisher, but what a junior have done wrong will make a senior be a punisher. All senior in the world will say “if you respect me, I will respect you and we can be friendly”. This is a natural thing in the world of seniority.

I am DIB, semester 3 student. Even I am in semester 3, I do not think I am a senior. But, sometimes I have to be a senior to make all junior respect me. It depends on time and place, because I had say, I am not too excited and really want to be a senior. Actually, I am not a real senior in college because in SR College we have rule. The rule is students at semester 1 to semester 3 are junior, semester 4 to semester 6 are the real senior and semester 7 and semester 8 student are the super senior. Therefore, I am also a senior in college, but senior to semester 1 and semester 2 students only. So, next semester is my turn to be a real senior and I will do anything that I want, but not too over.

The point of view, I think being a senior will give the advantages and impact to me such as it will make me become more mature, make me respect everyone and maybe will make me be prepared to become a leader in the future. Being a senior will make me become more mature, because a senior must do and show the positive things and attitude to junior. As a result, junior will respect me and they will not do anything bad or anything that I do not like. It can make us respect each other’s. Being a senior also will make me be more prepared to become a leader in the future, because senior will lead and guide junior in doing anything that they not know such as about academic or about life. So, seniority is an important thing in the world. Everyone will be a senior, but must be responsible and do not too over in doing anything that related with junior, because we are human.