Saturday, July 25, 2009


Being a senior??? Everyone want to be a senior, because people think being a senior they can do anything and control everyone. Sometimes, a senior will use the power of “senior” to bully the junior students. This mindset has to be change, because I do not think a senior can use their power to do anything bad, but it is better if a senior can make a junior be a good person and be more responsible. But what is bothering me is, if the senior not use their power, all the junior will not respect and doing bad thing behind us. So, I think seniority in school, college or university is an important thing but there has to be a limit.

For me, I do not feel anything to be a senior and not too excited in being a senior. No discrimination, no different level between junior and senior and the most important thing is respecting each other. If a junior respect the senior, the senior also will respect them. But if different thing is happen, that junior will get the punishment. Actually, a senior is not a punisher, but what a junior have done wrong will make a senior be a punisher. All senior in the world will say “if you respect me, I will respect you and we can be friendly”. This is a natural thing in the world of seniority.

I am DIB, semester 3 student. Even I am in semester 3, I do not think I am a senior. But, sometimes I have to be a senior to make all junior respect me. It depends on time and place, because I had say, I am not too excited and really want to be a senior. Actually, I am not a real senior in college because in SR College we have rule. The rule is students at semester 1 to semester 3 are junior, semester 4 to semester 6 are the real senior and semester 7 and semester 8 student are the super senior. Therefore, I am also a senior in college, but senior to semester 1 and semester 2 students only. So, next semester is my turn to be a real senior and I will do anything that I want, but not too over.

The point of view, I think being a senior will give the advantages and impact to me such as it will make me become more mature, make me respect everyone and maybe will make me be prepared to become a leader in the future. Being a senior will make me become more mature, because a senior must do and show the positive things and attitude to junior. As a result, junior will respect me and they will not do anything bad or anything that I do not like. It can make us respect each other’s. Being a senior also will make me be more prepared to become a leader in the future, because senior will lead and guide junior in doing anything that they not know such as about academic or about life. So, seniority is an important thing in the world. Everyone will be a senior, but must be responsible and do not too over in doing anything that related with junior, because we are human.

Sunday, July 19, 2009


I am taking Diploma in Banking (DIB) course at UiTM Johor, Segamat campus. Currently, I am in semester 3 and stay at Sempana Riau (SR) College. I am so happy to stay at SR college, because we are friendly and united. Previously, in my past post (about me) I had told that all residents are all handsome, cute and also famous in UiTM Segamat. My room for this semester is SR 127 but my roommates for this semester are Mohd Adam, Mohd Aizat, and Muhammad Shahmi. Actually, I am more closer with my past 2 semester roommates and they are Muhammad Fikri, Mohd Aizat and Muhamad Azhar and I also close with my new roommate, he is Mohd Adam because we know each other from the past 2 semester.

Firstly, I want to share about my past 2 semester roommates and they are Muhammad Fikri, Mohd Aizat and Muhamad Azhar. Fikri is taking Diploma in Quantitative Science (DQS), semester 4 student. He is from Banting, Selangor and stay at Setapak, Kuala Lumpur. Fikri’s nickname in SR College is “Atek” and he is a twin student in Uitm Segamat. His brother’s is Muhammad Fitri and he is one of exco in Majlis Perwakilan Pelajar (MPP) and Fikri is a treasurer in DQS Association. Mohd Aizat is taking Diploma in Investment Analysis (DIIA), semester 4 student. He is from Kuala Selangor, Selangor and stay at Bandar Kinrara, Kuala Lumpur. Aizat’s nickname in SR College is “Bigil”. Muhamad Azhar is taking Diploma in Computer Science (DCS), semester 3 student. He is from Johor Bharu, Johor and Azhar’s nickname in SR College is “Bardon”. We are always happy and understand each other when lived together at SR128 College. Besides that, we have same hobbies such as play computer games and play futsal. We can play computer games together like Counter-Strike and Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) and often outing together if there is nothing to do. So, we are close until now, even we are not staying in the same room.

Secondly, my first roommate for this semester is Adam. He was born at Kuala Lumpur on 4th of November 1988. He is taking Diploma in Quantitative Science (DQS), semester 6 student. He is a smart students and he got Dean’s List for semester 1, semester 3 and semester 5. He is from Tasik Gelugor, Pulau Pinang and stay at Cameron Highland, Pahang. Adam’s hobbies are eating, online and play rugby. Adam’s nickname in SR College is “Pantot”. He is rugby player and he had played for UiTM Segamat in the past 2 years in Karnival Sukan Mahasiswa (KARISMA). Last semester, we played together for UiTM Segamat in Segamat Rugby 10’s Tournament and the result is not too bad. He has a hamster and it stay with us at SR127, its name is Snow White. Adam is a happy go lucky person and always makes people around him happy, just like me. He likes to talk and tells about his life and also about current issues in the world, since me staying with him, I know a lot of story about his life. So, I am not bored and happy stay in SR127 with him.

My other roommates are Mohd Shahmi and Muhammad Aizat. Shahmi is taking Diploma in Accountancy (DIA), part 1 student and his nickname is “Mugay”. He is from Seremban, Negeri Sembilan. He is active in sports and currently, he is not at UiTM Segamat, because he is taking part in basketball tournament in Muar, Johor. Aizat taking a Diploma in Business Study (DBS), semester 1 student, and his nickname is “Alex”. He is from Johor Bharu, Johor and he is a homesick boy. He had informed me that he is still in process transferring to UiTM Johor, Larkin campus, it is because Larkin campus near with his house. Since this semester started, he will go back home weekly, I do not know why. He likes to be alone. So, I do not really know about them, because Shahmi at Muar and Aizat is in process for transferring to Larkin campus.

Sunday, July 5, 2009


My name is Syed Mohamad Hariz Bin Syed Abd Rahim, but my actual name in identity card(IC) is S Mohamad Hariz Bin S Abd Rahim. Actually, a letter “S” on my name is mean Sheikh, but I always use Syed.It is because I always think that a person who has Sheikh is a good person and sometimes they are devout in religion, but it does not mean I am a bad person. So I use Syed, but I do not know why. I was born at Pusat Rawatan Islam (PUSRAWI), Kuala Lumpur. Even I was born at Kuala Lumpur, but I grew up at Ampang, Selangor. I live at Taman Permai Jaya, Ampang. I have two brothers and I am the last one among my siblings. Although I am the youngest, my friends mostly think I am the eldest. My eldest brother’s name is Syed Abd Hafiz and my second brother’s name is Syed Mohamad Hanif. My father’s name is Syed Abd Rahim Bin Syed Omar and my mother’s name is Asmah Binti Mohd Said. My father is a lorry driver and my mother is a clerk at SME Bank in Kuala Lumpur. For this time, I am still single and available; I still do not have a special one in my heart. Actually, I am more focusing on being friend with all people around me and not even think to fall in love. I think it is still early for me to fall in love, couple with a girl and be a loving couple, but I believe it can happen in my life someday, because it is a natural thing in teenager life. So, this mean I am still searching a special one to fulfil my empty heart.

I am taking Diploma In Banking (DIB) course at Universiti Teknologi MARA(UiTM) Johor, Segamat campus. Currently, I am in semester 3 and stay at Sempana Riau (SR) College. I am happy to stay at SR college because we are friendly and unite. In addition, all the residents are handsome, cute and also famous in UiTM Segamat,just like me. We are active in sports and always participate in all tournaments that UiTM Segamat organizes and we will become the champion. So, that is why SR college students mostly be a craze for all girls in UiTM. I am happy go lucky person and always happy, even when I have problems. I do not like to get angry or pressure my friends and others people, except in situation that I need to be, but sometimes on those situations me also cannot be a serious person and I do not know why. I think I am friendly person and I always want to know about others people or to meet a new friend.

My hobbies are playing everything that related with ball such as football, futsal, badminton, takraw, bowling and rugby. I also like to play computer games and watching movies. For me, if we are playing sports we can improve our health and sometimes it can make our life better than wasting our time without doing anything. I am active in sports such as football, futsal and rugby at UiTM Segamat. I had play rugby for deputize UiTM Segamat in Segamat rugby 10’s tournament last year. I played for UiTM Segamat B team and the result was we were runner-up in spoon category. I think it is not too bad, because my team(UiTM B) is a new team and the players mostly are new players. I also played football for deputize my programme DIB for some tournament in UiTM Segamat and my target is play football or futsal for UiTM Segamat in UiTM tournament(KARISMA).In addition, my favourite football team is Manchester United(M.U).I am diehard fan M.U and sometimes if M.U lost a game with another team I cannot sleep. Besides that, I really like to play computer games such as Counter Strike, Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) and Need for Speed. If I have nothing to do or no assignment, I will play games to fill my extra time. My favourite foods are “nasi lemak”, chicken rice and my mother’s cooking. Whatever my mother cooks for me that is my favourite food and she is the best chef in the world. My favourite drink is iced milo and “sirap bandung”.

I am interested to study new things in my life. I always wanted to study new things such as about life, social, sports and also about education. I think, if we study new things in our life, we can improve ourselves and be a better person. For me, we can learn new things about our life everyday and it can make us feel better from the past. Everyone wants to be a good person, but there is no one is a perfect person. So we must always be careful in our attitude and whatever we do in our daily life.