Monday, August 31, 2009


Album Title- LUCKY LAKI
1.Lucky Laki Superman

A boy not a superman. A boy will cry if fail to do something. So, we must strong and do not give up if want to success in our life. This song is funny, but it have own meaning.

2.Dead and Gone

Gangster is shit man!!! A good man is someone that will do not do anything that may bring negative effect to their life or to others. Just think, if you are strong and power, there is someone are stronger and power than you, ALLAH s.w.t. Everyone will dead and gone.

3.Revolusi(Malay song)

Just do it!!! If you want to success in life, just do whatever you thinking are good for you. Do not let times gone without do anything. It is revolution, not illusion and makes all you dream come true.


There is a 1 thing, 2 do, 3 words, 4 you, I love you. That is what a boy will say to someone are special for him (girlfriend). It is easy, but so hard to say.


A boy always is a hero to a girl. So a girl cannot life without a boy. Agree???

6.Selalu Mengalah(Malay song)

Why a boy always pity and take care about a girl, but they do not care about our heart??? So, who are more egos? Boy or girl.

7.Do You Know

This song is for girls. Contain the question that asks about do the girls know what a boy feels to them and wonder about them.

8.Know Your Enemy

This song for enjoy and release tension. Just know who your enemy and do not let them take advantage over you.

Composer: Crazy Mad Boy
Album for thinking person...
Boys and Girls.......... ;-)

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ayu said...

a bOy is alwayS a hEro tO giRl ?? xdE mknE nyEe .. spE ckP a giRl can'T liFe witHOut a bOy !! x agrEe lgSg ..