Sunday, August 16, 2009

10 Facts About Me (only 6 for this time) ;-)

(1) Football is my life
I really like to play football and futsal. Every day I will play football or futsal with my friends and if in a week I not play football or futsal, I will feel something different and also feel weakness. I starting play football since 7 years old and my first dream in my life is to be a football player or want to make football as my career, but my parents do not allow me to be a football player. It is because my parents said football in Malaysia is not like football in England or Spain, but I think football in Malaysia having their own class and level. Whatever our Malaysians said about the weakness of Malaysia football team, I still support our Malaysian team even sometimes I so unsatisfied with the way their play, it is because sometimes their play like school boys. Even I cannot be a football player, I was being a football player for my school from form 3 until form 5, play futsal for a team that have big sponsors such as Nike football and Celcom. My target is to be a football player for UiTM Segamat in KARISMA for this year, but maybe it required me to work hard. Besides that, I play football for release tension and to be closer with all my friends. I also like to challenge everyone that has high skills in football, it is because I can learn and improve my skills in football.

(2) Manchester United
Manchester United (M U) is my favourite football team. It is the greatest team in the world and has a lot of history. M U had be a champion for English Premier League, UEFA Champions League, FA cup and also World Club Football Cup. M U has the greatest players such as Rio Ferdinand, Nemanja Vidic, Wayne Rooney, Nani, Cristiano Ronaldo and Ryan Giggs, but Ronaldo was transferred to Real Madrid Football Club with the biggest transferred price and as the most expensive football player in the world for this time. If M U loses a game, I will feel so bad, frustrated and sometimes I cannot sleep well that night. I hope, this seasons M U can still win all tournament especially English Premier League and UEFA Champions League.

(3) Simple and enjoy
I am a simple person. That means me not too desperate to be a style person. For all information, I do not like using perfume, but I always using deodorant such as Rexona and Dashing. I think be a simple person is a better than be a style person with lot of accessories on their body. I am enjoy my life with be friendly with all people around me. I will happy if my friends also happy, but if they have a problem I will try to solve their problem. But one thing that I hate in my life is when have a person always thinking bad about my friendship. It will influence others people to think the same things. Why all this kind of people born in the world, I do not understand what the real purpose their want to be like that, just think about it. Although, I do not care what their want thinking about me, but the important thing I enjoy with all my friends and I happy always.

(4) Love and me
I love Allah, Prophet of Muhammad and my family, but I still not found a special girl that I want share my life with her. Actually that is not a story I want to share, but it is about love movies or drama and me. I really like to watch love movies such as Korean movies, Malaysian movies and Indonesian movies. I love to watch that kind of movies and sometimes I felt that I am the main actor in that movies, but I do not like to fall in love. I think a special relationship is starting from a friendship. Why??? Let me keep that secret. I more like be a friend with all people around me and I think that is better than always want be a couple or loving couple. For me, there is still not my time to fall in love with a girls and I want to focus on my ambition or dreams rather my relation. It is because I have a lot of dreams in my mind to achieve before I become a 25 years old man.

(5) My problems is my own business
Problems??? Everyone has problem in their life. I does not like to share my problems with others. I always try to solve my problems by my own. I think why we must involve others people with our problems, that is not fair. Besides that, I do not like to show that I have a problem in certain times to others, but I just be a normal and enjoy with them. So, if I have a problem, nobody will know.

(6) No Seafood in My life
I do not like to eat seafood, except cuttlefish and some kind of fish. In my family, only I do not eat seafood and I do not know why. Maybe my parents not teach me to eat seafood since I was child, but I think people do not need to teach how to eat seafood. So it is my fault does not eat seafood and I also think that I can saving my money, it is because all kind of seafood are expensive. Saving money is my hobby, but I am not a stingy person.

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tULip_hitAm said...

Manchester United?
Chelsea is the best..
as for me..